Blushed Pepper

with Extra Virgin Olive Oil & A Dash of Sea Salt

Green and earthy, but what you really notice is the sweet pepper aroma that envelopes you and the beautiful multi-color array of peppers in this bag. No two pieces and no two bags are alike, because these peppers are all at different stages of ripeness. Some sweet, some green some very mellow – this is a new flavor experience every time you try it.


Always real, recognizable, and full of flavor


Locks in authentic flavor and goodness


Masterfully crafted to accentuate deliciousness


Helps reduce food waste

About the product

At Dirt Kitchen Snacks, we believe that the best things in life come from the dirt. That’s why we believe that healthy eating and responsible farming should go hand in hand. Together with Full Harvest®, we rescue funky shaped, colored or surplus blushed peppers, air dry them to lock in all the nutritious goodness and lightly season them for a flavorful bite. Who ever said perfect looking veggies taste better anyway?

Less waste, more of the good stuff, happier snacking and a happier planet. Sounds pretty ideal to us. Join us in helping tackle food waste, one rescued veggie at a time.

Ingredients: Dried blush bell peppers, extra virgin olive oil, sea salt

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