Frequently Asked Questions

How are Dirt Kitchen Snacks made?  

For us it is all about the veggies.  They are the star of our show.  So, we search the world for the best and make sure they are picked at the height of ripeness.  Then we quickly dry them at low temperatures to preserve the nutrients, flavor and color.  We mix in nuts, herbs and spices in small batches and seal everything in single serve pouches to keep it flavorful and ready when you are.  Making great tasting veggies is not easy, that is why everyone isn’t doing it.  But it’s our passion and we're kinda’ proud of it.

Are dried/dehydrated vegetables as nutritious as fresh vegetables?

In general, when you air dry a veggie you take the water out and everything else is concentrated, meaning there is more fiber, nutrients, flavor, etc. per ounce than in fresh veggies. And the flavor gets concentrated too, that’s why they taste so great!

What do you call the process you use to make your veggies taste so good?  

Technically it’s called: air dried/air drying. It’s rapid, low temperature drying at the peak of ripeness.

Are there allergens where Dirt Kitchen Snacks are made?

We take great care to ensure that our products are only exposed to the allergens that they contain and will always be labeled on the package.

Are Dirt Kitchen Snacks Kosher?

Not now.  All of our ingredients are certified. But we have not had time to have our blends and blending kitchen certified yet – we are still getting started.  

What makes Dirt Kitchen Snacks Special?

It’s all about the Veggies.  We don’t mean to flex (well okay – just a little), but making veggies snackable is not easy.  We searched the world for really great veggies, to find the best flavor, crunch and color we could.  Then we got all of our maker chef friends together – no kidding there were more than a dozen of us in the kitchen - and brainstormed for days.  In the end it’s really kitchen logic – great food, prepared in great ways, that you can feel great about eating.  That seems pretty special to us.

Short answer: Dirt Kitchen is special because when you munch it you will see veggies you recognize, taste veggies you love and smile at the combinations you never thought would be so delicious.

How long will Dirt Kitchen Snacks stay good for?/Does it go out of date?

Real food doesn’t last forever.  So, we put a lot of thought in to the best way to air dry veggies to keep the flavor and texture great for as long as possible – because snacks that go bad too quickly are not very convenient.   We think we’ve found a great solution and we label every pouch with a “Best By” date.  The date is on the back of the pouch near the top.

How can real vegetables stay good for so long?

We put a lot of thought in to the best way to air dry veggies to keep the flavor and nutrition great for as long as possible.  And we use a really good pouch to keep the air out.  But they do have a “Best By” date.  You can find that on the back of the pouch near the bottom.

Where do I find the expiration date?

The “Best By” date is on back of the pouch near the top.

How many pouches come in a box?

Each box has 12, 1oz pouches (when buying from Amazon).